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Jamal Ayomiku Bradley, known professionally as JamalTheCreator, is an American Rapper and Youtuber. He was born on March 3, 2001 in Atlanta Georgia at Crawford-Long Hospital. He is one of the youngest of seven children. Growing up, Bradley would often be told by peers to pursue a career in entertainment, specifically comedy. While attending New Manchester High School in Douglasville, Georgia , he would go on to collaborate with a classmate on a prank channel called ‘ShlideTV’. They would perform insane public acts, such as throwing rice on grocery store customers and other various mischievous pranks. The videos would go on to reel in millions of views and end up establishing collaborations with popular entertainers such as Backpack Kid and NoahMadeSMK.

Besides his primary focus of being a Youtuber, Bradley has become a common name in the music industry. Since late 2019, he has been working on developing his craft in music and has been featured in multiple magazines and blogs pertaining to his music accomplishments. Recently, he signed a distribution deal with AWAL/ Kobalt Music Group to further his musical career. His single "This Is The Life" has become one of summers top-played Rap tracks as it has been charting for months and received massive media coverage upon release. JamalTheCreator uses his creativity as a vessel to inspire the youth and open doors for opportunity.

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